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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Don't Tweet Into A Vacuum: Improving Your Social Media IQ and Reach

   I mainly use Twitter (@FAOfuuo) as a news source for my interests--namely Africa, photography, poetry, writing and defense.  It's the most efficient way to keep current on relevant events, news and news-makers.
    I have also started to use it, however, to promote this blog.  It is this secondary use that this post addresses.  It all started when I joined Klout I joined Klout out of curiosity after reading a Wired article about it.  It's easy to set up, takes 30 seconds out of my day to maintain and could yield benefits one day.  It did get me thinking, though, how to better use my Twitter account.  My post below is the result of those thoughts.  I can promise you that an hour spent investigating the links below will reap countless monetary and/or readership/reach benefits:

Read These Articles: 

Time is On Your Side  The half life of a tweet is 2.8 hours.  Who knew.  

Try Out These Cool Tools:

Highly Recommended:

Twylah: This is my new favorite site!  It takes absolutely no effort and automatically creates a dynamic website out of your Twitter activity.  Here's my page so you can get a feel for what it does:  For Unofficial Use Only.  As you can see from my blog here, you can also generate a banner for your website/blog that will mimic the trending data.  This site/app is especially great for your friends who don't tweet because it gives them a way to understand your Twitter feed.

Tweet Stats  Take a few minutes to build.   Shows a bevy of stats including how often you retweet (alot for me) and what people you most often retweet.  It also creates a tweetcloud which is pretty cool.
Twitter Backup  This is an essential site.  It allows you to export a text/html/csv file of your tweets.  This file allows me to search my past tweets easily--important since I will often want to find a link from months ago.  
TwitSprout  This gives you a nice graphic on growth and decline in both your followers and those you follow broken down in various manners.  It takes them a week to build your trends.  
MarketMeSuite  I use this to schedule specific tweets that I want to put out consistently--like poems.  It also has a version that you can pay to get added benefits.
Slipstream  This is a great add-on that works inside your twitter.com account.  It allows you to build preferences on tweets about which you don't care--you click hide on a tweet you don't want to see and a pop up appears in which you build a rule that will prevent similar tweets from showing up in your timeline.
Klout  This site measures and quantifies your social media influence and reach by analyzing your Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn accounts.  It will connect to your other accounts (YELP, Tumblr etc) but doesn't analyze them YET.
Manageflitter  A more versatile version of UnTweeps  It shows you people who are more and less active.  It also shows you a list of the people who aren't following you back.
SocialBro  Solid analytical software, bro.  Of note, it gives you a breakdown of your followers by timezone.  Shows which time zones your followers are in--this helps you to target your tweets for maximum exposure.

The Jury Is Still Out:
Tweet When  You need to have a decent number of retweets to see any data.  Sadly, I didn't, however, I use Twitter (at least right now) as more of a news source than as a way that I can provide analysis and information to others.
Timely  You plug your tweets in and it auto schedules them for maximum exposure.  Experimenting with this one right now.  
Tweriod  Key tip: the program uses whatever time zone setting you have on your twitter account.  Mine was set to Quito, so their analysis was pretty worthless.  This site will show you when most of your followers are online so that you can get maximum exposure.  This one is only marginally useful.  I most likely will never use it after the first time.  
UnTweeps  Shows you a list of people that you follow that have been inactive and gives you the option to unfollow them.

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