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Saturday, October 13, 2012

UPDATE: STORY IS FALSE: Marine Corps Needs Homes for 400 Former IED Sniffer Dogs

To All:
  Thanks for the interest but evidently they aren't putting the dogs up for adoption but they are transferring them (and only 40 of them at that) to other services/organizations.  When I relayed the information last week on this I was relaying the story from a Marine Corps Gazette Writer but I hadn't yet personally verified it.  Anyway, I spoke with the office this morning and the spokesperson assured me there were no dogs for adoption and that they were being transferred to other services.  I have since contacted the writer to inform him of the bad information.   This is  meant in no way to disparage the Marine Corps Gazette (which was not where the story originated--the story originated through writer's personal twitter account) which is a great publication or the writer himself--a great and thoughtful writer who it turns out was relaying info just as a I was.

   My most sincere apologies for getting your hopes up on this; I was also looking forward to adopting one of these dogs. I was so excited about this story that I didn't take the time to immediately verify myself before passing on the information--definitely a lesson learned for me. 


The Marine Corps is Looking for a Few Good Homes

The Marine Corps needs homes for 400 Former IED Sniffer Dogs.  They are all in the Washington DC area so you must pick one up for adoption in person (i.e., they can't transport one to you).  I have the Point of Contact for this program, so please COMMENT or SEND ME AN EMAIL at jackfaokruse@gmail.com if you would like his info.

Here's a new article about the program from a year ago (NOTE: There's a different contact person now):

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