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-Anne Applebaum

Friday, December 21, 2012

How to read articles on your Kindle

How to read articles on your Kindle

Last year I wrote about "To Kindle or Not to Kindle."  

To kindle or not to kindle; that is the question
Whether tis nobler with a heavy book to suffer
The weathered and ripped pages of outrageous fortune
Or to go digital against a sea of wasted trees

Since then I have slowly moved further into the Kindle camp.  One reason for this shift was the discovery that you can send articles from websites to your kindle.  This saves me a ton of time.  I will invariably stumble across an interesting article while working or writing a paper--now I just tap one button on my browser and it emails the article (reformatted for the kindle--without distracting ads and headers) to my kindle.  Best of all, my amazon account keeps track of everything I've read all year long.

That "one button" is a bookmarklet from a company called "Readability."  You can sign up and download the free program here.

And now on to the reason that motivated me to write this post in the first place.  Stu Waterman (you can follow him on twitter) wrote a great article in which he provided a well-organized spreadsheet that contained the links for over 400 long articles that he'd read this past year.  I sent about 100 of them to my kindle for rainy days after reading through the spreadsheet.  NOTE:  this is my fate as a compulsive reader--I am always reading--if I don't have a book/magazine/newspaper while eating breakfast I will read the cereal box, in detail.

There are a few other great sites for these lengthy articles (affectionately called "long reads").  

or search #longreads on twitter
@Ifyouonly (on twitter, as in, if you only read one thing today)

LINKS: http://www.readability.com/

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  1. Why have I been suffering for so long!?! Awesome app! Thanks for sharing.