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"But being right, even morally right, isn't everything. It is also important to be competent, to be consistent, and to be knowledgeable. It's important for your soldiers and diplomats to speak the language of the people you want to influence. It's important to understand the ethnic and tribal divisions of the place you hope to assist."
-Anne Applebaum

Monday, March 11, 2013

Malagasy Romantic Poet Rabearivelo's "I" from "From the Night"

Malagasy Romantic Poet Rabearivelo's "I" from From the Night

A scarlet star
evolves in the depths of the sky--

what flower blooms in the prairie of the night?
Evolves, evolves,
then becomes like a kite released by a sleeping child.

It seems to drift both nearer and farther away,
loses its color like a drooping flower,
becomes cloud, becomes white, diminishes:
is no more than a diamond point
graving the blue mirror of the sky
where the glorious lure
of the nubile morning is already seen.

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