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"But being right, even morally right, isn't everything. It is also important to be competent, to be consistent, and to be knowledgeable. It's important for your soldiers and diplomats to speak the language of the people you want to influence. It's important to understand the ethnic and tribal divisions of the place you hope to assist."
-Anne Applebaum

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

What I Read this Week: Thanks for the service, Introvert survival guide and Pivoting a L'Afrique

Pivot to Africa: Finding Long-term Solutions to West Africa’s Maritime Security Challenges.  The hopefulness of youth in a sea of corruption.

Stanley McChrystal on how to shake up the military.  His milkshake brings all the CEOs to the yard.

Incoming: Thank You for Your Service.  A 4-star that quotes Jim Morrison--gotta love him.

The Science of Improving Your Performance at Almost Anything.  Deliberate short practice 'chunks' and get plenty of sleep.

The Introvert’s Guide to Surviving an In-Person Conference.  It's amazing what forcing yourself to smile can do.  It works when you hit a rough patch while running too.

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