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Thursday, January 5, 2017

FY-17 NDAA Security Cooperation Excerpt and More

Below is an executive summary of the Security Cooperation portion of the FY-17 NDAA that I received from a GS Foreign Affairs Specialist.

I also also linked to the whole document here (please let me know if the link doesn't work--Blogger makes it difficult to embed PDFs).    Additionally, I've previously posted a broader FY-17 NDAA summary here.


1. Section 1208 Authorities are now codified under Section 127e; funds are
appropriated in the amount of up to USD $100 million; there is a 15 day
Congressional Notification period.

2. Section 1204 directs DoD to enter into an agreement with a federally
funded research and development center or another independent entity with
expertise in security cooperation to conduct an evaluation of the
implementation of the strategic framework  for DoD Security Cooperation as
directed by Section 1202 of the FY-16 NDAA.

3. The FY-17 NDAA, Chapter 16 is the Chapter covering Security Cooperation

                a. Subchapter I, Section 301 addresses General Matters (including
the definition of National Military/Security Forces and First Responders).

                b. Subchapter II, Section 311 addresses Mil-Mil Engagements
(including the exchange of personnel between the U.S and friendly foreign
countries); Section 312 covers payment of personnel expenses necessary for
theater security cooperation.

                c. Subchapter III, Section 321 addresses Training with Foreign
Forces; and, payment of training and exercise expmilienses.
                d. Subchapter IV, Section 331 addresses Support for Operations and
Capacity Building. Types of support authorized include: log support,
supplies and services to forces of a friendly foreign country participating
in -an operation with U.S. Armed Forces; and, military or stability
operations benefiting U.S. national security. Small Scale Construction is
also covered under this proviso. There is a 15 day congressional
notification requirement as well.  Section 333 specifically addresses
security cooperation Building Partner Capacity efforts and authorizes DoD to
conduct or support a program or programs to provide training and equipment
to the national security forces of one or more foreign countries for the
purpose of building partner capacity of such forces to conduct one or more
of the following: CT operations, CWMD operations, Counter Illicit
Trafficking (CIT) operations, Counter-Transnational Organized (CTO) Crime
operations, maritime and border security operations, military intelligence
operations, and operations or activities that contribute to and
international coalition operation that is determined by the Secretary (of
Defense) to be in the national interest. Again, there is a 15 day
congressional notification requirement.

                e. Subchapter V, Section 341 addresses Educational and Training
Activities (including the State Partnership Program and associated Leahy
Vetting requirements).

                f. Subchapter VI, Section 361 addresses Limitations on the Use of
Defense Funds.

                g. Subchapter VII, Section 385 addresses Administrative and
Miscellaneous Matters including authorization for DoD to transfer of up to
USD $75M (at the end of 30 days following Congressional Notification) to
other (Executive)  Departments/Agencies that advance DoD security
cooperation objectives.

Other authorities included in the FY-17 NDAA also address the development of
a (professional) security cooperation work-force; and, the requirement to
provide a report to Congress on current security cooperation programs by 31
January 2018; with additional reporting quadrennially thereafter (through
2034). Also, execution of the aforementioned programs requires approval by

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