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Friday, November 19, 2010

For my reservists friends- 3 year orders to USNA

It's times like these that I wish I was in the reserves...two dream jobs just popped on the reserve tickeer!

Point of Contact: Dr. Boyd A. Waite, Associate Dean for Faculty

A. Grade: Any (O-3/O-4 desired)

B. Rating/Designator: Any

C. Report Date: No later than 1 August 2011

D. Duration: Not to exceed 3 years

E. Clearance: None

F. Location: U.S. Naval Academy, Annapolis, MD

G. Type of Orders: 3 year active duty recall

H. Description: The U.S. Naval Academy has a need for qualified Navy Reserve officers with at least a master's degree in an appropriate academic discipline to instruct in designated academic departments beginning Fall 2011 and to serve as outstanding military role models for midshipmen. Recall Opportunities will be considered for the following disciplines: mechanical engineering, naval architecture and ocean engineering, electrical and computer engineering, aerospace engineering, and control systems engineering; political science, economics, English, history, and foreign language (Spanish, French, German, Russian, Arabic, Chinese, or Japanese); mathematics, chemistry, physics, computer science, and oceanography. The deadline for submission of applications is 15 December 2011. Refer to

Application Deadline: 15 December 2010
The United States Naval Academy has opportunities for Officer Instructors in all academic areas, especially in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM). The Naval Academy has billets for 30 reservists, 10 per year, to serve as Officer Instructors for a three-year tour. Although there is a desire for Officer Instructors to be at the rank of LT or LCDR, all ranks will be considered based on qualifications and suitability. This flier provides background and application information for recall to USNA.
Being an Officer Instructor is a great opportunity to teach Midshipmen, conduct research, and participate in both academic and brigade activities. In most ways, an Officer Instructor position is indistinguishable from other Faculty and Teaching Staff positions; in fact, officers with a PhD effectively serve as an Assistant Professor in all regards other than having to deal with promotion and tenure.
Beyond teaching and research, reservists have served as:
Deputy Division Director. Course coordinator/creator. Department Chair/Associate Department Chair. Offshore Sailing Commanding Officer. Degree/Program Officer Representative. Club Officer Representative. Executive Assistant for Superintendent.

The Naval Academy has great facilities and resources (including both equipment and labs as well as Faculty, Staff, and Midshipmen) for conducting research part-time during the school year and full time during the four summer months. There are also opportunities for performing research at Navy, other DoD, and National Laboratories. One excellent option is to attract bright Midshipmen (including Trident and Bowman Scholars) for Senior Projects and summer internships.
The application provides the information to Dean Waite and the relevant Department(s) to determine whether there is a likely match with a current academic need. Should there be a match, you will likely have a phone interview to discuss your fit with the department’s needs. If selected and approved, recall orders as an Officer Instructor would include PCS to Annapolis, MD, and are preferred to be for a three-year tour to commence 01 July 2010. While on active duty, all active duty benefits are provided including eligibility for the new transferrable Post-9/11 GI Bill. However, although on active duty, recalled Officer Instructors continue to compete for promotion with their reserve colleagues.
To submit a preliminary application, mail, fax, or email the following to Dean Waite:
The strongest applicants will meet these requirements:
Member of Faculty Senate. Cover letter to include:
LT or LCDR. Personal/professional information summary.
MS or PhD. Reporting department(s), availability, duration. Will not reach 6 years continuous active duty. Current resume/CV. Not twice FOS. Full-length Khaki photo.

For more information about an Officer Instructor recall position or general questions about teaching and research at the Naval Academy, feel free to contact:
Not exceed 1095 days active in 1460 days.
http://www.usna.edu/AcDean/offpos/officerfaculty.html#Reserve <http://links.govdelivery.com:80/track?type=click&enid=bWFpbGluZ2lkPTIwMTAxMTE5LjMzMTQzMSZtZXNzYWdlaWQ9TURCLVBSRC1CVUwtMjAxMDExMTkuMzMxNDMxJmRhdGFiYXNlaWQ9MTAwMSZzZXJpYWw9MTI3NjY3NTA1MiZlbWFpbGlkPWpvaG4ua3J1c2VAbmF2eS5taWwmdXNlcmlkPWpvaG4ua3J1c2VAbmF2eS5taWwmZmw9JmV4dHJhPU11bHRpdmFyaWF0ZUlkPSYmJg==&&&100&&&http://www.usna.edu/AcDean/offpos/officerfaculty.html#Reserve> for application requirements and submission details.

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