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-Anne Applebaum

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Navy Calls on Gamers to Unite to Defeat Somali Piracy: MMOWGLI

NOTE:  This news is a few days old but to be fair I tweeted about this information back on 13 May but am only now getting a chance to write about it (and the 16 May launch was delayed anways).

Nerd Gamers!  Are you tired of being chastised for countless hours spent on the couch taunting 12 twelve years on your PS3?  Now you can turn your loafing into something productive (and possibly a tax-writeoff).

The Navy, in conjuction with ONR and NPS has launched MMOWGLI (not to be confused with the Jungle Book's affable Mowgli character...or maybe to be confused with Mowgli)

I think MMOWGLI is actually pronounced the same as Mowgli (you just have to pretend you are Colin Firth when you say it).

Anyway, click on this post's title to read the article and then you can go to NPS' website here to sign up to get on the email list to participate once it launches (evidently the 16 May launch was delayed due to an overwhelming interest).

Lastly, I came across a pretty interesting scoop (document).  It's a 2010 Feasibility Study (if that link doesn't work try this one) done by Raytheon on the feasibility of implementing MMOWGLI.  I say it's interesting because you will get a lot more detail on MMOWGLI (and the thought process associated with its design) than you will in any of the news articles.  For the record, I came across this through a simple google search, not through nefarious means.

I haven't been able to get an update on when the game will launch but I will announce it here or on twitter (@FAOfuuo) when it does.

The french one has some great pics
Feasibility Study
Feasibility Study (another link)

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