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"But being right, even morally right, isn't everything. It is also important to be competent, to be consistent, and to be knowledgeable. It's important for your soldiers and diplomats to speak the language of the people you want to influence. It's important to understand the ethnic and tribal divisions of the place you hope to assist."
-Anne Applebaum

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Pentagon Protester of the Week: Thank You PFC Bradley Manning

NOTE:  For those who don't know,  every Monday morning the Pentagon allows only the biggest idiots best and brightest dissenters to post up on the grassy area by the Metro entrance escalators and display their signs. 

So this week, there was a racially diverse crowd of about 7 people I think.  Personally I am always a little afraid to stare too long.  First because I don't want them to talk to me.  Second, I am afraid I'll follow in Lot's wife's shoes and turn to salt (never a good start to a Monday).

Just to set the stage a bit, these are never loud unruly protesters.  They usually just stand there with their signs.

So this week, I saw a sign that said simply: THANK YOU PFC BRADLEY MANNING.

I thought this a weird sign since I had no clue who he was.  Turns out he is being charged with leaking classified documents while in Iraq. 
He's also been classified as a 'person of interest' in the Wikileaks drama. 

Michael Moore has praised him saying he "did a courageous thing and a patriotic thing."

Well sorry PFC Manning, any hope for sympathy or empathy just went out the window after hearing that. 

Let me be clear, it is FUUO's official unofficial position that Michael Moore is an idiot. 

Evidently, Michael Moore believes so fervently that PFC Manning 'must be set free' that he has donated $5000 to his legal defense.

NEWSFLASH: FUUO would like to change its position on Michael Moore:

Michael Moore is a cheap idiot.

5000 bucks Michael?  Are you serious?  Lawyers charge clients 5 grand just to shake their hands. 

The heart of the matter comes down to this:  when PFC Manning joined the military and was granted access to classified material he signed non-disclosure agreements.  He gave his word.  He knew the consequences of his actions and he did them anyways.  I have little no sympathy for him. 

The argument whether or not it was morally right for him to leak the information is irrelevant (but it was wrong).  On a humanist, philosophical scale, sure it was his 'right' to break his word.  But it's also the 'right' of government to punish him.  Anytime you break a rule, you must be prepared for the punishment. 



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