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Thursday, June 2, 2011

MMOWGLI - the Anti-Somali Piracy Online Game is Live!..or I feel like a chump waiting outside at Stingaree

MMOWGLI - the Anti-Somali Piracy Online Game is live!..but I'm not sure how it really works since I am still on the "wait list." 

You can kind of read about the anti-piracy gaming so far though on their game blog:

I say "kind of" because the website doesn't clearly explain what it is they are doing.  All I know is it involves 'buddies' and lots and lots of 'cards'.  Since I wrote this I found an  explanatory video on how to play here:  http://www.nps.edu/Video/Portal/Video.aspx?enc=bzbNwhJuw27QU9mHw6rTdVgNSsiDnjiE
I think it will all make more sense once in the game.

I've also included the awkward message they sent to those of us on the 'wait-list'.  I especially like their comment:  This week we are focusing the initial stages of gameplay on an identified  group of innovators and early adopters.  Glad to know I am not an innovator, n'est-ce pas?

Ahh well, while in the past I would never wait in a line to get inside douchy dance clubs (Stingaree, Hard Rock etc.), I will wait on the 'wait-list' here to play the game since it's for a good cause...and because I can wait from the comfort of my PGON cubicle. 

Dear registered mmowgli player,

Thank you for your interest in mmowgli.

You may be aware that mmowgli has launched and wonder why you are not playing.

Public interest in our game has been overwhelming.  In response, we thought it best to roll the game out in a progressive fashion. This week we are focusing the initial stages of gameplay on an identified  group of innovators and early adopters. As we engage with this community, we expect to leverage their feedback into a phased rollout resulting in progressively more capability for progressively more players. We anticipate this rollout lasting through the month of June.

While you are waiting your turn to play, you can follow mmowgli on our game blog at

We hope that this phased approach will give you an opportunity to gradually build your networks and strategies, while giving us an opportunity to make sure that this pilot platform supports a more robust and diverse community than we originally planned.

With best regards,

The mmowgli Team
mmowgli-waitlist mailing list


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